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Our WA Personal Leadership™
Program starts in September 2015

Our mission is to help Swedish teenagers to take control
of their lives and studies in a short time. Want to get more
productive students and teachers, and become a Certified
Leadership School in 2015? Register your interest today.

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Creating Future Leaders

Discover how we transform students from ordinary teenagers into responsible leaders within just a single school semester.

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Personal Leadership™ Program

Learn more about our revolutionary WA Personal Leadership™ program that begins September 2015. Applications are now open.

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Benjamas is a powerful woman

with a clear vision to empower

others to realize their goals.


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Our Vision

Today’s teens is our next generation leaders. When our teen process this training program I see that our next generation of leaders and citizens will create a family and a society based on self love, self expression and self fulfilment which leads to an outstanding “contribution mentality” in the world.

Our vision is to create self-driven and powerful members of society.

We have trained hundreds of teenagers in our WA Personal Leadership™ program and developed one of the world’s most innovative empowerment and self-awareness technologies that exist in the market, fully adapted to help Swedish teens to take a stronger hold over their lives.

Together we can create a Sweden with world class citizens.

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